Fashionably Famished

Ready to dine. Occasionally fashionably late.


Every adventure requires a first step.

- The Cheshire Cat

I am Danielle. To simply state a little more about myself, I am a wife, an educator, enjoyer of yummy food, coffee fan, Disney babe, proud auntie, sister, Oakland native, bookworm, Netflix binger, California girl, online shopper, word  originator (for examples, please see enjoyer and binger above), and an adventure seeker.

I want my journey to include many delicious aspects. Hence, this blog, which is something I always wanted to do. My goal is to mix two of my favorite things, fashion and food. Hopefully,  I can balance them and have fun maintaining my creative outlet that in enjoyable and fun.

Welcome and thank you for taking a peek😊

Silly & Fun Facts About Danielle

Chapter books are my jam

 I usually have a book on my nightstand. As a middle school teacher, I am usually attracted to the young adult novels; mostly for the drama.

I am a Disney Princess

I love Disney! My favorite Disney princess is Princess Jasmine and Belle. Of course I heart Moana too.

Burger vs. Tacos

Definitely tacos are the winner. But for sure a burger over a burrito.

My Hairdo

My go-to hair style for practically every activity is the poof. This is not to be confused with a bun.

Born and Raised

 I was born in the in the beautiful city of Oakland in the lovely state of California. 

Favorite Food