Take me out to the ball game! The best thing about baseball games is the fresh air, a hot dog in hand (with a beer), random conversations, and of course the actual baseball game. The best thing about being in the Bay Area is that there are two awesome teams to root for, but MY team is the Giant’s.

The formerly AT&T Park, now Oracle Arena is beautiful park that has great views from every seat and most importantly great food. My go to seats for the Oracle Arena is in the bleachers, which is where the real fun is at AND the perfect spot for a girl with hips that don’t lie.

Back to great food that is meant to be eaten outside. There are many options to enjoy some diverse tasty bites. I honestly have not tried everything yet. I usually just get my all time favorite baseball park combination of a beer and a hot dog. However, there are some delicious options at the park.

Let me break it down.


  1. Crazy Crab’z has a bomb sandwich called the Crazy Crab’z Sandwich, I know sandwich name. This is a location that is such splurge, but the sandwich taste so good. So the sandwich is dungeness crab with tomatoes between two pieces of toasted garlic bread. Expect to wait in line.
  2. Pier 44 Chowder House offers a few seafood options. Honestly, the fish and chips is alright, nothing special. I prefer the clam chowder bowl better.
  3. Doggie Diner offers bacon wrapped hot dogs and regular hot dogs. I usually get a regular hot dog with some sauerkraut. There are a couple of locations for Doggie Diner in the park.
  4. The Garden has some super cool hipster vibes and is a great space to grab another round and take a stretch break. The Garden offers food too. There are flatbreads and salads that are made to order.
  5. Organic Coup serves only USDA organic certified food. I already am a repeat customer of Organic Coup for the healthy fried chicken. The park serves the chicken sandwich sandwich and wrap.