Of course, I scream for Ice Cream!

Once I heard the Museum of Ice Cream was in San Francisco, I knew I had to go. The pretty pink color surrounding most walls and interactive exhibits seemed like a fun time. Sounds like a perfect day in the city. However, tickets were sold out. BUMMER!

Then magically, there was an announcement for an extension for Museum of Ice Cream. YAY! Obviously, I placed a calendar reminder for when tickets would be released. Fastrack to many, many days later and BAM! I have tickets.

Despite the rainy day, Museum of Ice Cream was like sunshine. So many cool themed exhibits and many delicious treats. With the ticket entry,  I enjoyed pop rocks, pink ice cream with sprinkles, cotton candy, mint chip moochi, and a mango popsicle.

I have never been to place like the Museum of Ice Cream. I hope there will be another adventure full of surprises.

A picture says a thousand words. I will let the following photos show my happiness at the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco.