Monterey just sounds so fancy to me. I have only visited the area a couple of times. This rocky coastal city has lots to offer for everyone. Recently, I explored a little of bit of the area to seek some rest and relaxation time. I definitely got what I needed.Driving out of  the Bay Area southbound, I watched the buildings fade away. More farmland and warmer temperatures were seen and felt. Then comes a fork in the freeway, causing the route to change the stretches of fields to twisted trees and dunes of sands, which leads to central California’s coast.

Due to the nature of the visit, I did not explore the food scene until much, much later in the evening. Since the area does not have a large nightlife, like at all, it  was difficult to find anything that served food. I almost gave up, but discovered (thanks to the homies on Yelp) that there was a late night spot that served food. Nacho Bizness was totally unexpected and desperately needed at 1:30am. Thank goodness this cool after hours spot is open from 7:30pm-2:30am.

The menu is only 3 things, which includes nachos, add guacamole, and drinks. To order your nachos, there is a choice of cheese, protein, and toppings. Or order The Phife, which includes every choice of cheese, every protein, every toppings, plus guacamole. This legit hole-in-the-wall was already pretty packed, so the nachos could not be enjoyed on the site. I must say these were some delicious nachos accompanied with my pineapple Jarritos.

The next day, a hearty breakfast was needed for a day of exploring. First Awakenings was the location to be fueled up. It was such a beautiful day in Monterey, that I wanted to dine outside on the super nice patio. However, this place gets pretty packed and it was not in the cards to enjoy the outside space. This worked out in my favor because the table was surrounded by two photos of sea otters (my favorite animal). I decided to order one of my favorite breakfast menu selections, Eggs Benedict. My dining partner ‘s breakfast included huge a  pancake.

After enjoying a tasty breakfast with sea others. We walked down Cannery Row. Then decided to chill at the beach. While driving around and being intoxicated by the pretty water views, a cliff like area with a view just had to be checked out. Being a daredevil (for like 5 seconds), I just had to hang my feet over.

In search of a less rocky height, a beach was discovered not much farther away. A nice spot to put my feet in the sand pebbles was exactly what I needed. Then came the climbing of,less steep rocks, to view the spray of water as the waves collided. It felt like a private beach spot. Totally and completely amazing.

As hunger settled in, there were reluctant feelings of leaving “my” beach. Hula’s Island Grill provided a Cali-island vibe that totally adored. It was here, I got to enjoy the super nice patio space. On this beautiful patio, only one pupus was ordered, which was the Abalone Style Calamari the calamari was topped with a creamy lime-ginger sauce. In wanting to try something I never had before. I asked for a recommendation from the staff. Out of her favorites, I decided to try the spicy Thai Chicken Bowl. Intriguing, I know right! Basically, there is a bowl split in thirds of black beans, rice, and cabbage. Then the Thai chicken pieces are smothered over, only to be topped with fried plantains and avocado. Yes, so this was yummy. Seriously, such a cool hangout for some cocktails and small plates, plus the staff is really nice. AND this restaurant cares about the environment, because there were no plastic straws = YAY!

Monterey has a lot to offer a gal like me. Such was a wonderful place to chill and explore.

Until the next adventure.