The Great Dickens Christmas Fair will instantaneously transport all fair goers to Victorian London with the aid of a magical curtain that separates the Christmas magic from modern San Francisco.

I absolutely love Christmas and all the feelings that Christmas brings. You will for sure receive some Christmas magic at the Dickens Fair. Below I have listed some tips, as well as some of my favorite things to enjoy when attending this holiday fair.

1.Once You Arrive

It is so easy to get distracted once you step into the fair because it really does feel like you stepped back in time. Try not to get too distracted to pick up a newspaper. This newspaper is the Guide to Dickens’ London and has all the information you need on everything going on in the fair, such as show times for all the shows and a very useful map.

2. Tea Time

Once you arrive to the fair, just beeline it to Cuthbert’s Tea Shoppe.There you schedule your reservation for tea time. It is a really fun experience and a time to properly relax for a bit and reflect on the day. This can also be a time to plan out what shows you may want to see.

3. Interact because it is FUN!

Fans of the fair who are dressed to the nines and actual performers of the fair are kind of hard to decipher between the two, so just go with it. It is fun to interact by conversing with chimney sweepers while wandering in front of Sal’s Pub, asking to take a selfie with Edgar Allen Poe in the Adventurers Club, or stopping what you are doing to show respect by standing and bowing to Queen Victoria when she strolls past Holly Berry Park. When it comes to the shows, I really love the risque vibe of Mad Sal’s stage, so I stick around to enjoy the lineup of shows. It was really fun when encouraged to a sing-along with grown up language tongue twisters.

4. All the Stores

There are tons of stores to check out. All the vendors are also decked out in Victorianesque attire with a cool Londonish store front. When shopping I encourage all to walk into every store just to check out the Victorian reproductions and other quirky, fun products. While wandering near the Adventure Carousel, there is a “garden” area to make your own fairy house for a fee, which is so fun and whimsical for just about anyone.

5. Let’s Eat!

There are many food options for just about everyone in the family. Fish Street is where you can find my favorite Dickens Fair fare, Fish and Chips. But meat pies from Heritage Meat Pies are also a lunch time favorite. For a more filling meal, Bangers and Mash from Mr. Barker’s Bangers will definitely do the trick.  For dessert, wash it all down with milk and cookies from Maclaren’s or bread pudding found along Cratchit’s Yard. There is popcorn and roasted almonds near the Victoria and Albert Music Hall. I also have seen roasted chestnuts in the London Docks.

Happy Christmas!