A magical morning with a latte can be easily executed at the 1oz Coffee, Santa Clara location. This location is in the middle of  a business center, but that does not take away from this quaint and modern cafe. The entire space is technically outside, but there is a covered area where drinks are served and there is some limited table seating. If I worked in this complex, I would rarely be at my desk or even in the office because of the cafe’s proximity. The quad area is nicely arranged at different levels with comfy outdoor seating and the convenience of 1oz Coffee at a close reach.

The Latte and Hot Chocolate were provided with lovely foam art that makes you not want to take a sip, so it can stay intact. However, I don’t have that much self control. The Latte was very tasty and provided a much needed caffeine boost. I had to try a Hot Chocolate for the Homemade Marshmallows. Since the Homemade Marshmallows were on the side, I was able to try one sans Hot Chocolate. I must say these completely upgrade the chocolaty goodness. I wish more were provided because they are just so good that I want one with every sip.