I have been wanting to check out Cafe 4 for a few months. I live nearby and have been very curious about the cafe, because the cafe is inside a church. Not just any church, I think this church is most known for the three huge crosses that are visually seen from anywhere on highway 580 and 238. Heading up to this cafe is so worth it!

There is so much space to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and a snack while getting some work done or hanging out with friends.  This is a popular spot, so it could be packed inside, as there are lots of cozy couches and chairs to enjoy. However, there is also tons of space outside to bask in the sun.

I must mention the staff is so friendly and helpful. Part of my first experience at Cafe 4, I had many questions and wanted to try EVERYTHING because it all sounded so tasty! But those tastes will come in due time, because I LOVE this cafe and will be a frequent visitor.

I ordered the Iced Sweetened Latte, the summer special Vacation in A Mason, and a Chocolate Muffin. I was tickled to find my Iced Sweetened Latte was brought to me in a mason jar (which I so my style) AND the use of coffee ice cubes. The coffee ice cubes make the best difference in an iced coffee. I was just in heaven (teehe, get it?). The muffin was moist and I really like the cream cheese on the top. I do wish the cream cheese continued in the center, but that is just my preference. Besides, pastries there are other bites and snacks available. Such as chia pudding, salads, sandwiches, and oatmeal.

Seriously my new favorite cafe for coffee and a bite to eat!

P.S. These are straws that were brought from home in order to enjoy our drinks on site. There are no plastic straws at this establishment. Metal straws are also available for purchase at Cafe 4.