I was never one to go to the fair often. It was not until my husband clued me on why to attend the county fair in the first place. He said, it is all about the food. Now I am a huge fair food fan. I recently discovered (and remembered for next year) that the Alameda County Fair has $2 bites on Thursday before 5pm. Unfortunately, not every food vendor participates. However, there is a lengthy list of vendors and what the $2 bite will be offered.

While walking around the fair. I noticed not many of the vendors did not have signs that displayed there would be a $2 bite offered. Since I was at the fair close to lunchtime, so the lines were not too long, I decided to just ask if a $2 deal was offered then made a decision if I wanted to spend my hard earned money on the bite.

My $2 Food Bite Thursday finds were so delicious.

P.S. I did not include 1 vendor do the lameness of the $2 bite being offered.

Pinapple Dole Whip
Deep Fried Oreo (x2)
Greek Fries
Tater Twister
Deep Fried Zucchini
Deep Fried Twinkie
Mini Corn Dog

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