I have found my favorite deli EVER in the East Bay!  That’s saying A LOT because I have lived in the Bay Area my whole life.

Bara’s creates high quality sandwiches that taste so g-double-o-d, GOOD! There are tons of bread options; lots to choose from when it comes to meat and cheese, even brie (can I get a mic drop); and there are tasty salads, such as macaroni salad and potato salad.

Meatball MY Way


  1. You order by filling out a paper. There are pens and mini clipboards to use. All of this is on the counter where the meat, cheese, and salads are.
  2. Everything” on a sandwich includes: garlic aioli, mayo, mustard,  lettuce, tomato, and pickles. I highly recommend to always get “everything” on your sandwich.
  3. You can order through Yelp or by phone for less waiting time. But Bara’s deli provides quick service for a deli.


Since I am a unique sandwich eater, I usually get a meatball marinara on dutch crunch and provolone cheese with everything on it. I know a strange sandwich order, but it is my favorite. Please don’t judge.

I has also really enjoyed:

  • the veggie sandwich
  • the speciality sandwich, “Moulin Rouge”
  • One of my favorite speciality sandwiches, “The Gobbler”, but I elevate it by adding all the produce available
  • One of my favorite speciality sandwiches, “James Special”, but I elevate it by adding tomatoes and lettuce and changing the bread to dutch crunch or a soft roll