One thing Oakland overfloweth with is beer gardens. I enjoy a beer garden as much as the next Oakland native. There is craft beer, probably from Oakland or surrounding Bay Area cities, food, music, and hopeful lawn games. I headed to Classic Cars West, which is also a car dealership, for some vegan bites and tasty craft beer.

The best thing about Classic Cars West are the super cool murals outside and art gallery-ish inside.

Hella Vegan Eats provides snacks and bites. I believe there is also brunch on the weekend. I have never had an intentional vegan meal, so I was excited to try something new. The Hella Vegan Eats menu changes. I really enjoyed the cauliflower and the flauta. The color of the spread was bright and beautiful.

Rate: 4/5 (vegan is not for everyone)

Price: $$

The chill vibe of Classic Cars West with a cold local brew was a wonderful venue to spill tea with my friends and family. YES, this is a family friendly zone.