There is some real serious hype of the Nashville fried chicken spot, Howlin’ Rays. Since The Mister and I were in LA for a few days, I had to check out this popular spot. So here is what had happened. POW! We park in the parking lot for the shopping center with about 30 minutes to spare before closing. P.S. this parking lot costs money, I think it was $6. Walking through the shopping center at this late hour I noticed that it was pretty empty, EXCEPT for Howlin’ Rays. Of course there was line, even though we arrived 30 minutes before the location closed. We waited in line for about an hour and a half  to order our sandwiches. The Mister and I each ordered chicken sandwiches with the Medium flavor. We paired our items with Macaroni Salad and Shake Fries.

The staff was super friendly and outgoing. I am pretty sure they are used to officially closing like two hours after the last customer orders. There was no rush feel while we were there, which was really nice.

Fast forward to my opinion on the food. The Chicken Sandwich is a good portion. The chicken is moist. When it comes to flavor just be mindful that the Medium is still pretty spicy hot. The portions of the sides were okay.

Overall, I did enjoy my sandwich, but I have enjoyed other chicken sandwiches with less of a line in the Bay Area.