When first setting eyes on La Mission, it hints of possibly being a former Taco Bell establishment. There is definitely a difference between Taco Bell and La Mission. For sure, La Mission is authentically festive decor-wise and food-wise. When entering through the colorful front door, the space is cozy. But there is a decent size covered and uncovered patio that is continued with the authentic ambiance. Before enjoyment of the patio can start, all guests order before sitting down. Don’t forget your number.

Their menu consists of starters, tacos, plates, burritos, there are even desserts like tres leche and flan. The Mister and I ordered chips and salsa, plationos, and we each ordered a burrito. Once ordering I booked it to the patio. Due to the time of day, there were several tables to choose from. I love the covered portion of the patio because of the greenery. Once all of our food arrived,  it was very relaxing and enjoyable to eat our meal in the La Mission Patio.

La Mission is pretty casual, so it was great that I was dressed for the part. As a California staple, I wore my favorite Loft jeans and The Perfect Tee in Atlantic Deep from Ori with my low-top white Converses.