Date night resulted in a stop to Nom Burger because this burger loving gal wanted a romantical evening with her man. Nom Burger did not disappoint on the date night appeal. The modern decor could vibe with just about any occasion. The hostess was friendly and seated The Mister and I quickly. Our table was situated near the baking area, which was used for baking the burger buns. Every time the door opened the smell of fresh bread wafted towards us. YUUUUUM.

Since it was date night, The Mister, who is a big burger fan, opted to share burgers because I could not decide from the many tasty sounding menu choices. So sweet of him huh?

We decided to enjoy The Fully Loaded Tater Tots and share the #DATEGGDOE (pronounced # Dat/egg/THo) and the California Love. The burgers do not come with fries automatically. Hence the tots, but there are options such as waffle fries and regular fries too. I paired my meal with a local blonde pale ale by Altamont Beer WorksBasic Bitch, which was recommended by Kiah, our wonderful server. Once the food came, I was blown away by the presentation. Who knew burgers could look so cool and pretty.

The #DATEGGDOE shook me to the core. I could not stop trying to figure out the cheese and the egg looked so put together. The California Love was stacked mighty fine and cooked wonderfully to medium rare-ish. The tots were beautifully displayed. The provided toppings of bacon, cheese, grilled onion, and sour cream were plentiful. We ended up too content with our meal to partake in a dessert, but it is nice to know that sweets are available.

California Lover

We really enjoyed the meal. I loved every bit. It could be a tad boujee for some, but I am boujee.

5/5 MY rating

4/5 The Mister Rating

$: Price range is between $11 and $30 per person

Everything worn on date night night are older pieces, but goody pieces. However, there are some similar items of the top and jeans.