Coffee is what encouraged me to check out Pampas Cafe. Despite being a small shop with a small patio, there is lots to offer. This cute spot is such a wonderful coffee shop that serves empanadas, alfajores ( cookies), and of course coffee. Pampas provides a simple menu that is tasty. The empanadas range from $4 to $4.25, depending on the what is inside. So kind of like Starbucks prices (this means a little pricey). However, there is nothing like this cafe in the area, at least to my knowledge.

Coffee and empanadas is such a wonderful combination. Many of the empanadas are savory, but there are also sweet options as well. Savory flavors, what does that mean? For example, I ordered the Chorizo Empanada and the Ham and Cheese Empanada. It is so helpful that the first letter of what you order is labeled on the tasty treat, so you know which flavor you are eating before you dive in. I enjoyed my first bite into the fluffy crust to find flavors and spices that makes for a delicious breakfast. Chimichurri Sauce is provided to dip the savory empanadas, which provides even more flavor. Besides meat, there are also vegan, veggie, and fruit flavors that are stuffed inside the pastry. So naturally, any of these options will pair nicely with the yummy coffee. I totally enjoyed my latte. I love foam and definitely appreciated latte art. There are tons of sweetener options provided in a cute corner of the cafe that displays the beautiful Argentinian decor about coffee and treats.

The cafe is super cute, but also small. There are about three tables inside and about the same out out in the front patio. I love all the coffee is life vibes, that is seen inside and out of the establishment.

Coffee is what is usually needed to start the day, at least for me.  As the great Jerry Seinfeld said, “We want to do a lot of stuff; we’re not in great shape. We didn’t get a good night’s sleep. We’re a little depressed. Coffee solves all these problems in one delightful little cup.”

Rate: 4/5

Price: $$

I love this Bay Area summer outfit. It is super cute, bordering sexy, and very comfy. Plus, I really enjoy using older pieces and mixing with newer pieces or ever revamping older pieces. 

T-Shirt (kind of similar) | Skirt (similar) | Sandals (sort of similar )