Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I love trying new Bay Area breakfast spots. I have been dying to check out Sequoia Diner. This neighborhood mom-and-pop shop is in my hometown, Oakland. I was so happy to see a beautiful restaurant that cares about their curb appeal and the contents of their food. This place has some serious good vibes that oozes from within, and that is before the food has arrived.

Country Breakfast
Crispy Egg

There is true dedication here. Sequoia Diner serves organic eggs from pasture-raised chickens, which I like alot. Also, everything is made from scratch. This include the their breads, pastries, sausages and jams. Plus it is true quality you can taste. The menu has quite a few tasty options that is perfect for breakfast or lunch and even sweet and savory. I was in the mood for a savory option and truly enjoyed the Country Breakfast. I do love a good biscuits and gravy.  My dining partner and teacher friend, was intrigued by the title Crispy Egg and decided to go for it. I got to taste some of her interesting combo of fried egg with seeds, nuts, sweet potato, and other healthy bits.

I would totally go back to try more breakfast options and get a pastry.

Rate: 5/5

Price: $

Recommend for smaller groups under 6  people.