Quarantine Edition

For takeout, I was finally able to try World Famous Hot Boys. Side note during my pregnancy, I despised fried chicken, which was strange for me because I actually really like it. I could not stand the smell it. I think I ate it one time for 9 months, but it was a process; end side note. So now that I finally wasn’t pregnant, I finally got to try the World Famous Hot Boys. 

What I wanted to try from this  Downtown Oakland establishment, was a Fried Chicken Sandwich and the greens. The Mister wanted to try their actual Fried Chicken. We also got french fries and their donut. 

The food held pretty good during transport from Oakland to where I live in Castro Valley. The food did still look nice and photogenic to eat, which is always nice for me ;-). The sandwich was good – the meat was moist and the batter had nice flavor. I love the crinkle fries that the sandwich comes with, it adds a nice touch. The greens were okay for me, because the greens that I can make myself better. I didn’t like the donuts. The donut was like a cake donut, which makes it thicker, and that’s not for me. Overall, this is a nice spot for take out. I will go back again and get some more chicken and some more fries because that was hella good.