I am a long time food truck fan. Since I was a kid growing up in Oakland, all over East 14th (now International Blvd) the “roach coach” (I know it sounds gross) was considered a greasy treat of street tacos. Even through my party phase of my life, I had a favorite taco truck to hit up before heading home for the evening.

Things have definitely changed, with me and the burst of  food truck creativity that has inspired many different types of cuisines to go mobile. To me, finding a quality Latinx food truck is few and far between. La Santa Torta is a great food truck with some equally great food options. There are some locations that La Santa Torta is consistently posted (so check Instagram to find the dates and locations). I was visiting Tiger’s Taproom which is one of the locations La Santa Torta is frequently by in the Jack London area. I like this setup since you can sit and eat, plus get an adult beverage.

I was able to taste and devour the following: Elote, fries, Red Tacos, and Churros. I shall now elaborate on each, so try not to drool.

The Elote, which is traditionally corn, mayonnaise, and parmesan cheese has a modern twist. La Santa Torta tops their Elote with Flaming Hot Cheetos. I am a huge Flaming Hot Cheetos fan, so I enjoyed all the flavors, plus it comes in a decent size cup.  The crumbled Cheetos adds some crunch to the dish, but it is not too spicy for those of all  ages to enjoy. I recommend stirring everything together before enjoying.

Due to the timing of being at the truck (the time period was around 12-4pm), Brunch Style Loaded Fries were being offered. So this means there is a choice or meat, pico de gallo, sour cream, pickled carrots, and cilantro. To make it brunch style is the addition of a fried egg to the loaded fries.

My most favorite items on the menu are the Red Tacos and Churros. I cannot express how bomb the Red Tacos are. Seriously perfect flavor and so stuffed with meat. The Churros are a little bigger than bite size, plus a dollop of caramel is included. So check out La Santa Torta’s Instagram to try out my favorites from their menu. Let me know your thoughts.