All the baby research informed me of ALL the delicious foods that I could not longer partake in. So for months, I have avoided coffee, honeydew, deli meat, uncooked fish in some sushi, but most importantly yummy delicious runny egg yolk dishes and brie cheese. What torture! 

With that being said I have formed a listed of foods/ dishes/ drinks, I  cannot wait to enjoy once my Little makes their debut. 

  1. Eggs Benedict probably from the Copper Skillet in Dublin.
  2. Anything with Brie Cheese. For example, this deli in my area, Bara’s, has a sandwich called the Moulin Rouge that has brie in it. Cannot wait to try. Plus, I recently heard Batch & Brine in Lafayette has a Brie Burger, which I am also so down to try. This leads to 2.b. because to deli meat like on a charcuterie board with brie cheese would be nice to no longer avoid.
  3. Coffee carmel creaminess, like The Yonce from Hippies Brew.
  4. The Dream Gina roll from Kanasi in Oakland or Concord.
  5. A good Matcha Latte is definitely something I have missed and cannot wait to enjoy; and probably will need to keep up with my Little.
  6. Enjoying eggs sunny side up for breakfast or on top of a burger or tamales has been greatly missed from this breakfast fiend.
  7. Coffee Cookie Dream is like the bestest ice cream flavor ever (in my opinion) that is at Fenton’s in Oakland. It is like Coffee (DUH) and like Oreo/ Cookies and Cream ice cream made love and had a baby.
  8. Cherry Kush (beer) from Ale Industries in Oakland.

Ah, what a triumphant return of grubbing.