Temple Coffee Roasters is a wonderful coffee shop. This location is located on a corner, which the establishment makes the most of by using the outdoor space for generous al fresco seating. When I walked in, I noticed a long line and tons of coffee lovers enjoying a brew, socializing, or getting some work done. My eyes were very please with the beautiful modern aesthetic that is also cozy and super cool. And what can be cooler than a motorcycle and a beautiful penny floor in a coffee shop. Seriously cool!

That long line, I mentioned earlier moves quick, which is great. Due it the warm weather, the Mister and I wanted to try the nitro floats. These coffee floats are on the dessert and coffee pairing menu. There are several gelato flavors that are options to be added in the float.  The gelato choices are seasonal and change. 

Besides the float, we also had to try the cheesecake bites. We decided to try both flavors. Everything tasted amazing! When the weather gets cooler, I will have to try a warm beverage. Plus, I will be back to figure out how many pennies are in the floor.