Once I confirmed/ found out I was pregnant A LOT made sense. No, it was not that I was throwing up all the time. Being nauseous was not a pregnancy symptom that I experienced (thank the Lord). It simply was that I was not interested in my usual morning coffee. Food wise, I was not interested in eating and I could only eat a little bit. Since my career involves a summertime hiatus, I originally thought that my body was not hungry due to not working because my daily activity was just chilling at home. I discovered that food aversions were a pregnancy symptom. Basically, it is a lack of appetite. What a bummer for someone who enjoys trying new foods and restaurants, huh?

It was hard to work with the food aversions during my pregnancy. Just my luck, the aversions lasted basically the entire pregnancy. Thankfully my husband’s support and reminders to eat was so helpful and needed to stay healthy for myself and for my baby. Plus he cooked and listened to all the crazy yummy things that I could not stand anymore. I was shocked when the smell of fried chicken made me gagged. Like really, fried chicken is delicious? (Don’t tell 3 month pregnant me that) I went into a rant about it and he just listened and was there.

For the past 9 months I have truly enjoyed being pregnant. I know not many women say that outloud, but even with all the aches and pains, it is true. I have seen that my body is extremely capable of amazing things. Because of this experience, I love my body even more than ever. 

BUT I am definitely excited to go on more foodie adventures, especially with my little one.

dress: shoppinkblush | photographer: @torezmarguerite